Diary Management In 2020: How To Get Organised


The start of the new year might mean buying a new diary and perhaps a new wall planner if you are feeling flush with your business expenses. You may have started the year with the best intentions of managing your diary and keeping yourself organised. However, as work got busier, you quickly reverted to indecipherable scribbles on your calendar and a mile-long to-do list instead of a neatly organised schedule. So, what can you do to improve your diary management in 2020? Here is your ultimate list of how to get organised once and for all.


Top Tips For Diary Management In 2020


Write Down What You Want To Achieve

Just like writing down your goals, you are 75% more likely to achieve a task if you schedule it. So, if there are essential tasks that you need to get done on each day, then it is vital to write these down. Set a time to do it and make this plan visible. If you use a wall planner, make sure you have your daily task written up there. Alternatively, if you plan your day from your phone, make sure it is on your home screen as a note. The more visible you make it, the more you’ll want to get it done.

Confirm Meetings

Often, we can schedule meetings so far in advance, that by the time it rolls around, something unexpected has cropped up, or one of the parties has forgotten about it. If you want to stay productive and ensure every meeting is worthwhile, it can be a good idea to confirm the meeting a day or two before. It is also wise to check your schedule before and after the meeting. For example, will it be ok to be late for the next activity if your meeting overruns?

It is also important to remember that meetings can be intensive and require concentration. Before a meeting, schedule some preparation time. It is also wise to schedule some breathing space or a non-taxing task after a meeting. This gives your brain a chance to process what was said and unwind.

Use A Colour Code

It doesn’t matter if you use an online or offline diary management tool; colour coding is a great at-glance view of your day or week ahead. If you’re new to diary management, begin by colour coding the most frequently occurring tasks. This could be personal, meetings, travel and administrative time. It can also help to colour code what you can confirm and what is awaiting confirmation, so you know where the leeway is in your schedule.
With a colour code, you can see at a glance what’s going on that day.

Have Support

If you need more time to focus on the essential business tasks and growing your brand, then diary management is something you can easily outsource. Answerbee are experts in diary management. We can schedule your appointments and organise your diary so that you’re in control and always have a plan of action. Save yourself the time, confusion and wasted unproductive hours by outsourcing your diary management to the experts.

Schedule Focus Time

From travel to appointments, it can be hard to find time to develop your business strategy. However, if you’re goal for 2020 is to grow and improve the running of your business, then it is vital to dedicate some of your time to it. Use your diary to block out a few hours every week, ideally on the same day at the same time, so that it becomes a habit.

Even if scheduling this time means using a virtual PA to manage your calls for one afternoon a week. Alternatively, using an admin assistant to help you answer your emails. Giving yourself some clear, uninterrupted time to focus can work wonders for your business.

Are you looking to organise your business in 2020?

Whether you want to dedicate more time to strategy or minimise phone and email distractions, Answerbee can help. Our family-run business focuses on delivering a personal service for you and your clients. From call answering to diary management, we’re here to help you organise your business for 2020.

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